A program designed to reach youth in rural areas of Kenya creatively bloomed this collection of poetry. The end result is a publication that is the first of its kind in this rural area of Western Kenya. These poems are but a small representation of what a creative and driven team of teachers, students, and faculty can create.

- Will Langford, iO Citywide Poets Alum and lead Writer in Residence for the Kolanya Girls’ School

Kenyan Child
Mitchell Louise Pamba (Grade Eleven)

Kenya, his motherland
the place where he stands
empty as a field
for he is the Kenyan child.

He endures like a vulture,
undergoing pain and torture.
But who is to blame,
for he who feels no shame?

He groans in pain,
hoping in vain—
a message he sends
as he struggles to the end.

He cries to deep,
with hunger he sleeps,
his clothes tattered
and life shattered.

We know his plight
and the battle he fights,
so let’s build
hope in the Kenyan child.

I Am the Super Eaglet from the West lands of Jamaica
Ujemba Dolphine

Open the curtains for the princess
of the land and waters.
She is God too, a girl of her own. She likes
bears and not pears.
She is the daughter of PRINCE UJEMBA

As a native son of Detroit and graduate of Cass Technical High School, Will (The Poet) Langford finds the inspiration for art in everyday life, drawing richly from experiences in public education, the performing arts, and as a citizen of an urban and ever-diversifying community.