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Must be under 21 years of age

Simultaneous submissions are allowed

If a submission is accepted elsewhere prior to Underscore Review’s publication, you must notify Underscore Review immediately

All submissions will be considered for  the Youth Artist Feature

Artists are allowed to submit up to 3 pieces per submission period

what you need to know:

Underscore Review accepts submissions from youth artists between ages of 14 and 21 for regular submissions.

A handful of artists – at least one adult artist and one youth artist –  are chosen as part of our online journal issue.

Our Artist of the Month feature will include the artist’s photo and bio in addition to their submission. A special release form will be provided to any artist selected as the Feature. Artists who submit work will be contacted within 60 days of their submission. Please be patient as we carefully and intently read each submission.

Have questions? Reach out on our contact page!


Tips to Writing a Bio

A bio is a brief paragraph about who you are, and what you’re about. Here are a few websites that give good examples of how to craft words about yourself.  Try not to use a template, they’re tempting, but they don’t allow you to add much of your personality. We want to know who you are!

How to Write an Author Bio

What To Do When You Need A Bio, Rather Than A Résumé – Deborah L. Jacobs

Sample Writer Bios – InsideOut Literary Arts Project (scroll to the bottom to take a look at the Writers-In-Residence)

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