undr_scr review issue no. 3

A note from the editor:

Issue No. 3 continues to celebrate and empower youth artists. The submissions selected for this issue focus strictly on themes close to home for many young adults, such as issues of oppression, and becoming one’s true self. All of which perfectly advocate the magazines developing concept of art as a tool of personal growth and healing. The staff at undr_scr review is pleased to acknowledge this growth in Issue No. 3.

Issue No. 3 features prose poetry, journal entries and a youth artist feature of undr_scr review’s own A’leetzia Burns.


Shelbie Wright, Visual Arts Editor

youth featured artist: a'leetzia burns

A’leetzia Burns is a Detroit native and currently attending Wayne State University. She is proud to be a Wayne State Warrior and will be going into her junior year this fall. When she is not cracking the books, she is writing poetry or channeling her inspiration through dance music or people watching in the park. People watching, in a non-creepy way, allows her to use her imagination, make up stories about the people, or just watch human nature unfold. On any given day, whether gray skies or blue skies, if you live near Wayne State campus, you might see her on her bike zooming down the street with a bright smile. A’leetzia believes that joy is not something that is stationary, if you want it, all you have to do is look for it!

I Want to Live


I Want to Live is a unique contest developed by Youth Speaks and presented by InsideOut Literary Arts Project. The focus of the contest is to highlight racial profiling among young people in ways that command attention.

Ten local winners were selected in 2015 for a video performance of their piece produced by InsideOut Literary Arts Project. Additionally, one winner traveled to Atlanta, GA as part of Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Festival in July 2015.

The videos highlighted in this issue reflect two of the ten winners of the 2015 contest.


featured adult artist: brittany rogers

Brittany Rogers happily juggles the roles of mother, wife, poet, educator, and mentor on a daily basis. Brittany is currently a member of the Freshwater WordSmiths Slam team, who will be competing at the National Poetry Slam in August 2016. She has poetry forthcoming in Eunoia Review.

Issue No. 3

they call me oppressed, zainab alhussainy
lost things, nora herzog
3 tracks, yakuza moon
3 poems, alexandra coleman

I Want to Live

selected I Want to Live videos

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