undr_scr review issue no. 1

The first issue of undr_scr review definitely would not be possible without the strong, continued support of the Knight Foundation. The 2013 Knight Arts Challenge Grant Award made it possible for us to offer the opportunity for young writers across the country to submit their work for publication and to become leaders through participation in the editorial board. We are honored and humbled by this experience, and excited to continue to grow.

Featuring 11 poems from youth poets, youth poet, Austen Berj Brooks, works from students at the Kolanya Girls’ School in Western Kenya and the winners of the I Want to Live poetry contest.



Emme Goldman poems

photo credit:  http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/files/2013/08/DARK-THOUGHTS.jpg

The One and Only - Sati Xiong

Dear Self Harm - Leo Hilliard

Maia Bandera poems

Timing - Luke Myer

FIREFLIES - Ruby Decoster

1 in 5 - Ella Dietz

Permission given by photographer.

I’m Hmong - Beeta Yang

Photo: Hmong women at Coc Ly market, Sapa, Vietnam" by Brian Snelson

Ocean Smoke - Shalonda Barry

Another Black Boy - Chloe Czachor

Photo reference: Black Panther Party

MIND FIELD - Austen Berj Brooks

Many thanks to Austen’s parents, Lee Brooks and Suzanne Sahakian for graciously submitting Austen’s work for our first issue. 

Poems from Kolanya Girls' School

A program designed to reach youth in rural areas of Kenya creatively bloomed this collection of poetry.  The end result is a publication that is the first of its kind in this rural area of Western Kenya.  These poems are but a small representation of what  a creative and driven team of teachers, students, and faculty can create.  
Will Langford, iO Citywide Poets Alum and lead Writer in Residence for the Kolanya Girls’ School


Learn more about the Kolanya Girls’ School!

I Want to Live Winners


I Want To Live is a nation-wide project initiated by Youth Speaks, where youth submit poems discussing racial profiling and police brutality in their communities.  InsideOut Literary Arts Project was one of the few organizations chosen to receive a grant to create this opportunity is Detroit.  Through a competitive submission process, one winner from Detroit was chosen to represent the city at Brave New Voices, Atlanta, 2015.


I Want to Live contest winner: Mosiah Bey

Citywide Poets‘ Mosiah Bey is on a mission! He won the responsibility to rep Detroit this summer in Atlanta during Youth Speaks – Brave New Voices‘ “I Want to Live,” showcase, a national contest that challenged youth to use poetry to respond to racial profiling and state violence.

– InsideOut Literary Arts Project


Read Mosiah’s poem

I Want to Live poems

Color of Ground - Hysse Green


photo credit: http://cdn.charismanews.com/images/archives/stories/featured-news/footprints-sand-ADF.jpg


To Be Black - Ja'vion Jones

Juxtaposing the Black Boy and the Gun - Shelby Jones

The Wolf & the Boy - Ashley Strange

Ashley Strange The Wolf & the Boy

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