duties of the leadership team

Underscore Review seeks artists under the age of 21 who are interested in showcasing young artists just like them.  Editors must be artists themselves with some prior experience reading literary works or viewing visual pieces.  Beyond this, Underscore Review expects editors to be great communicators in person and via technology.  All staff also must be in good standing at their high school, college, or university (3.0 or higher).

Most importantly, staff must be awesome and willing to enjoy all sporadic random fun/funny moments that are guaranteed during all Underscore Review meetings.

Those who fit these guidelines and are interested in applying are encouraged to complete the Youth Editorial Board Application.


Board President

Approves budget and expenditures, managing and maintaining discipline of executive board.  Holds veto power to change staff positions, suggest a change in responsibility, add or remove social media posts, request changes to Issue or site aesthetic, and/or to reject a submission.  Board President must approve all promotions.

Board Vice President

Attend or gather information from iO meetings related to operations of undr_scr review as youth representative. Ensure that documents (meeting minutes, bylaws, current positions, executive board descriptions, complaints, etc.) are completed.  Vice President should greet new hires either in person or via email, and is responsible for ensuring new hires are aware of all bylaws, rules, and expectations.


Oversee total operation of Underscore Review. Reviews journal before publication.  Consults with Editors to ensure that they are bringing in new artists, keeping up with social media posts, and making sound decisions about their genre.  All issues that Editors may be experiencing should first be voiced to the Editor-in-Chief to resolve unless the decision in question is urgent or otherwise better addressed by President.  Editor-in-Chief should communicate with President and Vice President as to efficiently represent the decisions they would approve of for the journal.  Editor-in-Chief is responsible for checking language and grammar on the website, in an Issue, or on Social Media.

  • Review submissions, events and publication opportunities related to genre.
  • Promote and request submissions from artists.
  • Correspond with Secretary on generating content for promotion on social media
  • Make proposals for look and feel of website especially as it relates to genre.
  • Responsible for genre-specific social media updates.
  • Must view designated number of pieces per month as outlined in the bylaws, ensuring that Underscore Review Viewers meet their viewing/voting quota.
  • Interviews all Visual Art hires.
  • View visual art submissions and cast votes.  Give feedback to submissions that were declined.  Correspond with Visual Art Editor to follow direction of the journal.  Attend all mandatory meetings.
  • Sends all correspondence to funders, school administrators, youth-serving organizations, etc.
  • Collects discussion topics for meeting agenda.
  • Sends weekly meeting minutes and agendas, collaborates with webmaster for site updates.
  • Maintains attendance log of e-board members.
  • Posts upcoming events and other content received from Networking Personnel.
  • Ensures inquiring emails or Facebook messages are delivered to the most appropriate staff member for the inquiry response.
  • Assists with the development and organization of special events.
  • Collaborates with adult advisors.
  • Attends interviews for all new hires.
  • Attends all meetings.
Networking Personnel
  • Reaches out to new organizations/new potential submitters.
  • Develops special events/meetings with other organization’s youth or adults  including but not limited to workshop opportunities for youth looking to develop work to submit, Underscore Review promotion events such as poetry readings, leading site navigating demonstrations for groups of students, or finding professional development opportunities.
  • Visits libraries, schools, recreation centers, college campuses, art centers, etc. to raise awareness of Underscore Review and reports back regularly about new spaces covered.
  • Works closely with CityWide Poets (CWP) Coordinator, to be spokesperson for Underscore Review at CWP events.
  • Must attend all meetings and report on outreach progress.
  • Must have reliable transportation.

Maintains budget, coordinates fundraisers, provides a weekly report on Underscore Review finances, coordinates with editor in chief for expenditures.

Underscore Review is a student-led  online publication dedicated to the artistic craft of young artists by providing a platform to showcase their voices, talents, and ideas.