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Underscore Review is a student-led  online publication dedicated to the artistic craft of young artists by providing a platform to showcase their voices, talents and ideas.


Underscore Review aims to promote, sustain, and enrich a global community of creative leaders, thinkers, and artists. We strive to create a space for those that exist outside the margins and beneath the line.
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Thank you, Knight Foundation


Underscore Review would like to thank our donors for your contributions.  Without you, we would not be able to create this journal dedicated to helping youth become nationally published artists. Your generosity, with support from InsideOut Literary Arts Project and the Knight Foundation, provides a home for new and emerging young artists who are committed to freely expressing ourselves.

Thank you again for your investment in Underscore Review.  We take great pride in our mission and look forward to thriving in space outside the margins and beneath the line.

Thank you, InsideOut


One of InsideOut’s core beliefs and convictions is that, “participation in the literary arts gives students a voice that transcends geographic and socioeconomic barriers.” Underscore Review is a prime example of how literary arts can connect young people across the world in a safe and supportive community designed to help them express the challenges and joys that they experience on a daily basis; as well as learn to be professional artists. I am proud to consult with the editorial board and to pass along the skills and experience I have gained to the young people  conceptualizing and implementing this publication.

I am very thankful for InsideOut Literary Arts Project and the Knight Foundation because they also believe that this online journal is a perfect vehicle to help young people grow into professional artists. I give further thanks to our individual donors for providing initial financial support to launch the website, and for continued donations to help us continue to grow.


Naidra L Walls
InsideOut Writer-In-Residence
Underscore Review co-facilitator



Want to help make our first year of publication even greater? Donate to Underscore Review through the InsideOut webpage! Just let them know where you’d like your donation to go. Thank you!