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As we approach 5 years since the birth of Underscore Review, we want to honor the young voices that helped us take our first steps. Arzelia Williams and Kennedie King of InsideOut’s program stepped up to be leaders in 2013 with a vision to break the myth that publication is exclusive to “professional” artists. Underscore strives to serve the younger up-and-coming artist community by showcasing their work as a priority instead of a sidebar to experienced artists. In 2018, InsideOut thanks Arzelia and Kennedie for their vision and their work.

In 2018, Underscore Review is also transitioning from a fully youth-led initiative to a staff facilitated space that will continue to highlight young artists on an international level. Justin Rogers, InsideOut’s Citywide Poets Program Coordinator, will become Editor in Chief. Justin is a long time staff member and works directly with the same young artists that Underscore targets. Rest assured that with these transitions our Mission and Vision have not, and will not change.

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Underscore Review is an online publication dedicated to the literary craft of young and emerging artists by providing a platform to showcase their many voices, talents, and ideas.


Underscore Review aims to promote, sustain, and enrich a global community of creative leaders, thinkers, and artists. We strive to create a space for those that exist outside the margins and beneath the line.


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